Facility Rental Rates & Policies

Members - $125/hour      Non-members  – $150/hour     *2 hour minimum* (for one pool, lap pool is an additional $75/hour)

Members - $175/hour      Non-member – $200/hour  *2 hour minimum*

Members - $75/hour        Non-member – $100/hour  *1 hour minimum*

Indoor Pool Rental

Outdoor Pool Rental

Gymnasium Rental

  • There will be a $4 charge per head if the amount of swimmers is more than 25. Due to the guard to swimmer ratio – we can only have 1 lifeguard to 25 swimmers. The Muletown Rec will provide the pools, lifeguards, tables and chairs only.
  • For an additional fee of $25, Muletown Rec will provide an additional staff member to lead pool games or guests can free swim.
  • Payment - Payment is due up front and in full to secure reservations. A full refund will be given if a client gives at least three days’ notice of cancellation. A 50% refund will be given if the client gives a 24 hour notice. No refund is given if less than 24 hours’ notice is given.  If a party must be cancelled due to weather or fault of the rec center, than we will reschedule the party or an alternative plan will be put into place to move the existing party indoors to the gymnasium to play games for the remainder of the party
  • Cancellations & Refunds - A full refund will be given if  72 hours notice of cancellation is received. A 50% refund will be given if less than 72 hours notice is received.  If inclement weather or an unforeseen closure of the facility results in the cancellation of the event, Muletown Rec will reschedule the event on  a mutually agreeable day and time.
  • Swim test policy – all swimmers under the age of 14 must pass a swim test (swim the length of the pool in an uninterrupted forward motion ) or a parent or guardian has to be within arms reach of their child. The party goers can come 15 mins prior to party start time to be swim tested by a lifeguard so as not to take time away from the 2 hour party time. If a participant is a member and has on file that they have passed a swim test then no swim test is needed for them. 
  • Waiver - All swimmers must have a parent sign a waiver before entering the facility. Parents can sign a waiver here for their child before or day of the party.  
  • Availability – Please call us at 931.375.1800 or email rentals@muletownrec.com to discuss availability for your upcoming rental.