Membership FAQs

Q. How is ‘family’ defined? 
A. Family is defined as any of the following: two adults that are in a relationship with each other who live under the same roof; one adult and more than one child; or two adults that are in a relationship with each other who live under the same roof with one or more children. Grandparents may not sign up grandchildren unless they have documentation of legal guardianship of said grandchildren and they live under the same roof without the children’s biological parent(s). Adult children (21 & over) must sign up for an individual membership. If there is more than one family unit living under one roof, only two primary adults may consist of one family membership.

There is no sharing of key codes or check in badges or all members associated under this membership will be canceled and not able to renew their membership. Additionally, if at any time the REC finds out that a family didn’t meet the requirement stated above, then the family will be responsible for all back charges for their membership or their membership is canceled immediately.

Q. Is there a contract? 
A. Yes, all memberships (except the three month seasonal membership) require a 12-month contract. Once your 12 months is complete, your membership will be month to month. All seasonal memberships must be paid at the beginning of the three months.

Q. How do I sign up for membership? Can I sign up online? 
A. Come in during our business hours Mon-Thurs 8a - 8p, Fri-Sat – 8a - 6p. There are no online registrations at this time.

Q. Can I freeze or put my membership on hold? 
A. Yes, with proper documentation for military leave. 

Q. Can I upgrade my membership from Individual to Family? 
A. Yes, your new 12-month contract would begin on date of upgrade, once you move to a Family membership, you are not able to change back to single until your 12 months are up on a family plan. 

Q. After my 12-month membership comes up am I locked into another 12-month agreement? 
A. After 12-months are up your contract goes to a month to month. However, if you term your agreement at any point after 12-months during the month-to-month agreement and then wish to start over, you will be required to start the 12-month period over.

Q. Do you have a Military Discount?
A. Sure do! We offer 10% off.