Fitness FAQ's

What should I wear or bring to class?

Wear clothes that are easy to move in and shoes with rubber soles for floor work. YOGA and PILATES along with TAP N POWHER are done with bare feet.  We provide equipment for classes however feel free to bring your own yoga mat. A sweat towel and water are encouraged.

What if I’m pregnant?

Please speak with a physician before attending class.  Make sure to arrive early to class and speak with your instructor about possible modifications. It is not recommended to begin a new exercise program while pregnant.

What if I am overweight and feel intimidated?

You aren’t alone! We celebrate all body types and commend everyone for their own personal fitness journey. No matter your shape or size, our teachers are committed to helping elevate you to a new level of health and wellness. If you have any limitations please speak with your instructor prior to class.

I have an injury or physical limitation, should I be concerned?

Please speak with your instructor prior to class so they can give you specific modifications.

I haven’t exercised in years which classes should I take?

Classes that are low impact to help strengthen the muscles before exerting them. Water Aerobics, PILATES, TAP N POW(H)ER, BARRE

Do I need to make reservations for class participation?

Sign up for group fitness classes at this link. We're glad you're here!