We Are Muletown

Check out what some of our regulars here at Muletown Rec have to say about being a part of the community of members committing to be fit together! 


"I remember when I first saw on Facebook that the gym I had come to love was reopening. I was ecstatic! I have basically raised my boys on the gym floor there. Taking my first tour and seeing the changes left me excited. I couldn't wait to sign up. Now its been around a year and my family is there at least 5-6 days a week. It has been a blessing.   Thank you Muletown Rec!!!"


“Everybody should exercise. I tell my friends they’ve got to come. If they could see that their health depends on it, that it helps their brain as much as their body, I think they would come. I tell them that that this is the most perfect place to exercise. They’re not out in the hot sun, and they don’t have to use the heavy machines. This is a great facility. If I didn’t have that heated pool, I wouldn’t be able to walk. I can’t even think about not being able to walk, or garden in my back yard. I will come here until someone has to drop me in the pool. In the pool, I can do anything. In the water I feel free.”



I tried a few classes in the fall last year but was not ready to make that commitment to join Muletown Rec.  In January when my sister said she and her husband had joined I decided it was time for me to join as well.  I thought Sandra and I could hold each other accountable and encourage each other and we have definitely done that.  Whether it is cardio and circuit training or attending one of Carrie’s Zumba classes, we have not missed many days working out together.  We are enjoying the time spent with each other and are seeing good results from our membership here. I feel as though my day is not complete if I have not gotten some type of workout in now.  

A few weeks ago a friend said to me, “Nancy Hopper, you have a glow about you I haven’t seen in a while.”   My response to her was it must be the exercise!  I cannot think of anything else it could be.  I lost my husband to cancer in 2015 and much of my “glow” went with him.  I believe God uses various things to effect change in our lives and He is using Muletown Rec Center to help me move past the grieving stage and start living once again.  Others have noticed a change in me as well, not only in physical appearance, but in my attitude also. So, Muletown Rec has had and continues to have a positive impact on my life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Thanks to the staff at Muletown Rec Center for making this an inviting and fun place to workout and get healthy!



My wife and I joined because we were looking for a facility that had a lot to offer. We found it at MuletownRec. Muletown definitely has more to offer than any facility in town. Hands down.


My husband and I both knew we needed to get started with a fitness program. Muletown Rec offered something for both of us.  We liked all the different options you offer along with the heated therapy pool. Becoming a member has motivated me to get started on a healthier lifestyle. This has definitely been a good thing for my husband and me.  My sisters have also joined and I love the fact that we can work out together.   

I am enjoying being able to come in and use any of the equipment at times that are convenient for my schedule. I like the flexibility you have with all the different choices of fitness classes offered. I would definitely recommend the Rec, as it has a very friendly and encouraging atmosphere in which to come