Invest in Yourself at Muletown Rec

We sat down with some of our members at Muletown Rec and asked them why they love being members with us. We think some of their stories are amazing and worth sharing!



Kelly's wonderful story of redemption begins with chronic pain that resulted in job loss and immobility for several weeks. Just when things weren't looking up for her, she tried personal training at Muletown Rec. Beyond the amazing work Jacob, her trainer, was able to help her do to strengthen her body, routine and results have afforded her the motivation she needed to start a blog, write an autobiography and get back into a healthy lifestyle. Today, she's still working through the pain, but she's far better than she once was and now has the hope she needs to continue! We love you Kelly and we're rooting for you!



Fed up with her sedentary lifestyle Noelle wanted to make a big change in her life. After many months of hard work she's lost more than 234 pounds and isn't stopping! Today, she inspires thousands of people on her social media platform but more importantly, she's inspiring her family to live a healthier life too. We're so proud to have Noelle as a member!



Dennis's doctor told him if he didn't change his lifestyle soon something drastic may happen. Reluctantly, he tried swimming at Muletown Rec and fell in love with it! Today, he said his blood levels are back to a healthy state and he's never felt better!



Caroline loves coming to swim with her family at Muletown Rec whenever she can! She absolutely loves swimming and pretending she’s a fish underwater.



Anythony has been hitting the gym staying fit in his senior years. He loves bringing his grandkids to swim and play in the gym too! He wants to make sure he can continue to spoil his grandkids for many years and Muletown Rec has helped him maintain that investment.



With the help of Weighwatcher’s Linda has lost more than 50 pounds and has no plans of stopping! She’s so thankful there’s such a great community of folks to encourage her at Muletown Rec.



Delilah swears by Muletown Rec! She has been an active member with us and is proud to say it's helped her maintain her mobility and control her diabetes. She hardly ever misses a day to come and work out with us. We love seeing her stop by the front desk to chat!



Vanessa loves working out at Muletown. She’s been able to maintain a routine and see results in her goals. For 2019, she wants to keep it up!